Saturday, March 12, 2011

Neyo: STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, everyone. Another day, another entry. I was thinking about blogging on the media frenzy that happened with the whole "Gaddafi-gate" and how dumb it was for the media to make celebrities the scapegoat and sacrificial lambs for ratings and viewership. But I am not going to enter the feeding frenzy. It's already enough that some blogs(I am looking at you, ProphetBlog) that went beyond their lanes to get at the Queen but once again, they look pressed and foolish and really ended going the opposite of what this bloggers intend. Bey always win, I wish more people would realize that. If she could survive the DC split when pretty much everyone was hating on her and she was a teen at that...then she and her team can handle pretty much anything.

But anyway, enough of that. You see today's entry. Let me say that I respect Ne-Yo as a writer/composer and actually feel he is better performer than a writer(especially lyric-writing). And yes, I also respect him as a composer(not the composer, because I remember that there were two production teams on the track, Stargate and Espionage even when it was a demo) of the song, Irreplaceable. It's one of the Queen's Biggest songs of all time, and it will always be remember. But Shaffer needs to shut up, especially if after saying something, you will not take the heat for what you said. I didn't even think what he said to be shady and slick but doing this: come on, bro. He said it and it is on audio(

If he are going to say something, be a man and take the heat even on Twitter. He could have further expounded on his point, whatever. But sometimes, it is better to say nothing. In one of his other tweets, he talk about how the blogs twist things, well, since he knows that, he should have said nothing or limited to what he said. In fact, why even mention Irreplaceable, in the first place? He should put the focus on his work. But then it would show that he is better off as a song-writer, being behind the scenes rather than out in front because his work is nothing on the scale of Irreplaceable or Take a Bow or even Unfaithful. And this is one of the things that is my pet peeve about today's producers/composers/songwriters, they try to put their face out there rather than be accept their role. That way you won't get producers like Bangladesh and Soundz going on blogs, saying stupid stuff(especially Soundz) to get attention. Keri Hilson is another one and she should get dragged every day of her pathetic career by all fans of entertainment until she realizes that she sucks as an artist/entertainer, that's she's no Diane Warren as a songwriter/composer and look for work as McDonald's cashier.

Nobody see Stargate doing that stuff. It would have quieted the whole "songwriting" controversy that goes on to this day and Irreplaceable is a big reason for it. And another thing, since I mention, since he was quick to talk about how the song was a co-write, why it is that he never speaks on Stargate's and Espionage's contribution to the song. Yes, he most likely wrote the lyrics and yes, the lyrics are memorable to the song, but the demo to the song isn't all that, even he admits that he couldn't do the song justice, which is true because Bey's a strong vocal editor-in-chief. That's why no one wanted the song in the first place, but Bey changed it up and gave the finishing touches so that it would be the hit that it is.

These producers/composers/songwriters do too much. Way too much. Hype themselves too much. They're not the artist/entertainer. They should be honored and humbled at the same time knowing all of this. But I know this will fall on deaf ears. Nevertheless, it has to be said. And another thing, the very fact that I am blogging on this means that this Beycession has to end soon because it is hard to find topics to make entries on. LOL!!!!! Anyways, I feel this drought will end soon and when we all get to "Bey-Heaven" what a day of rejoicing it will be(Just kidding, Christians!!!). Anyways, a great weekend and St. Pat's Day.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let the games begin.....

Mmm-mmm-mmm. What an interesting week!!! Well, it looks like that we finally be embarking on the long-awaited album era. *Thank you, Jesus!!!* #RoundIV And it looks like it is off with a bang. Yes, indeed. Well, knowing me you will probably think I would speak on the "controversial" pics that happen, you know the Blackface topic? But everyone is beating that horse to death and I refuse to take the bait for this blog like everyone else has.

However, I mention it because it takes me to the point of why I made this entry in the first place. One of the things I love about Bey is that many times, her visual art gives a blueprint for her music. It's ironic...that with all this "blackface" controversy, that people aren't seeing the potential direction of where Bey is going with her sound and how that will affect the landscape of Contemporary R&B and Pop Music overall. According to one of her dancers, as a poster(Swag) on bwboard posted, she is going to do some african dance.

Let me tell you that is exciting to me because this shows me that Bey is going to left, while the others are going right. Think about it, the "Euro-Pop Dance sound" is dominating the airwaves and the charts these days and while I don't have an issue with the sound, it is becoming a huge fad. Now Bey said that her sound would be a mix or in her words, Gumbo. This is what the industry needs. As I said in an entry long ago, I really believe that this next album era is going to set the tempo for what this decade of music and entertainment will be.

As even Syleena Johnson said: @jwalksonwater she's always a step ahead... 2012 will be full of rip offs from various wannabes!

I love that she says this without any fear of twitter hate going on. This is the thing that we need to focus on. Music and entertainment is in a dull place right now. How many David Guetta sounding clones do we need? And you know it is bad when Ne-Yo is sounding off on artists doing too much with Auto-Tune: That's why when some say that Bey is over-exposed, I lol at them. Are we listening to same music these days? Don't get me wrong...I am not saying this because I am part of the Bey Party. I mean, it is really dry and someone need to do something fast!!!

I mean, why does bwboard have an almost 400 page discussion on an album that don't even have an offical due date? When you have articles about Bey being one song away having the album done causing a huge buzz on the blogosphere while other artists are getting their albums pushed back and/or getting dropped from their labels, that's all that need to be said. So it's safe to say that as long as Bey excutes...the industry is not going to know what hit them even as ready or starved as they think they are.

And one last thing...I know I say I wasn't going to mention the blackface thing, but I have to use to make this point. What that whole controversy shows me that some people aren't ready for Bey spread her wings and fly. They want to put her in this box and anything apart from that is anathema to them. This controversy proves it and it is going to be the same with her upcoming work. She might lose some fans, there will be criticism, they would be haters coming out of the rocks like the snakes that they are, but guess what? It's not about them.

We, the Bey Party, are ready for what Bey is going to do and more importantly are here for what she is going to do. With her music, visual art, her promotion of it, and what she is trying to do with it. She's going to turn 30 in September and she's growing up and everything that she has done has led up to this and as a fan, I don't want her to hold back. I want her to come full force and ready to bring the industry to its knees as only Hurricane Sasha can do. Let the games begin and enjoy the ride....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beyonce 101: How to navigate the Pop World

Today is another entry. I have been thinking of this for a while, ever since someone from was thinking of making thread with this topic. So with the new era coming upon, complete with The Queen potentially doing a Movie(, I feel inspired to do another entry with this topic in mind.

It seems to me that there are so many new artists coming into the industry who want to have the kind of impact that Bey has had on the industry, yet they aren't really gaining any traction. You have artists(influenced by her) who aren't selling, getting their albums pushed back and even leaving the industry(, I feel that this is an entry that is timely appropriate and I am going to do this in 3 parts and it will be long so bear with me. So with this thread, here are 3 things that I feel that every entertainer should learn from her and therefore see why she is the phenom that she is.

1. How to balance your art and brand:

This is the most important thing when it comes to mainstream entertainment because when an artist is mainstream, with some critics there is already a strike against a mainstream artist simply because anything that is commercial makes skeptical and even jaded. It's not like back in the day, when people were looking for something to believe in and were rooting for them. With all the media access, it's hard to keep a mystery and if an artist don't control their image and brand, they will get swallowed up and be another disposable entertainer that will be dropped from their label, working at a fast food joint or on one of those, "Where are they now?" Hollywood Stories Episodes. So for Bey to achieve the longevity that she has in this era, is absolutely incredible. Some think that 14 years isn't long, but in the genre that she is in, an artist/entertainer is today and gone tomorrow. One of the things that Bey does well, is keep a mystery while giving glimspes of her mindset as an artist. There is always a message behind what she sings about, her performances and even her endorsements. It's always about female empowerment. To paraphrase Dream Hampton said once of her, she's not neccessary a feminist, but she is a womanist. Not to mention, as I said, even as commercial as she is, she's still an artist and she has control of her brand. You don't win 16 grammys with glitz, glamour lacking in substance. People try to pigeonhole her into that, but it has no foundation. Look at this video: Listen to the passion in which she talks about her music, especially when describing her harmonic arrangements on Swizz Beats' tracks. You can't fake that and this is one of the many reasons why she endures to this day. Plus, she geniunely loves her fans and her work. Glitz and image only cares you for so long, you have to balance that with honest to God talent and passion for what you do. Bey does this and that's why Bey's legacy is secure as one of the great entertainers of all time.

2. Work ethic and more work ethic....

The woman works like the stereotypical image of a Jamaican. It's like Dave Pensado said, I don't think I have ever seen anyone work harder than Beyonce (maybe Mya). I've seen her fly in from Europe, come to the studio, do vocals for 4 hours, fly to NY for concert, go directly to airport for 2 shows in Japan, and on and on. No sleep for days, and just keep going and loving every minute of it. Mya is like that also. I get tired just TYPING about it! I know that other entertainers work hard and don't have the commercial success that she has, but...that don't take away from it. It's legendary and you can tell that when the next album era comes along, she has improved in some way or another. Last era vocally, transitions from Head to Chest Voice improving her modal voice passagio(voice bridge between chest voice to head voice). Improving her scatting and improvisation skills. The difference from this: to this: speaks for itself. It just seems to me that so many entertainers don't want to go beyond their comfort zone or at the least improve in it. They think that once they get into the industry, they're set. No, that's just the beginning. It's what separates those who will last and who will be working at a fast food restaurant. Never take it for granted. Also, she has people around her who won't let her settle for less. They're in the trenches with her, they will critique her and she wants this from them. When these things are in place, it's shows that Bey was destined to what she does and how can anyone(even if you don't like her music and performing style) hate on this kind of work ethic?

3. Build on a foundation and then expand....

This to me, is the most important thing to do. An artist/entertainer has to find their niche, build as well as improve on it if needed, and then expand to allow your fan base to grow with you. You have to be willing to also grow with the times also but even in that, never ever lose your foundation. It's funny because with Bey, you have two school of thought when people debate her music. She's either too trendy, meaning that she only follow the trends and never set them(LOL!!!!) or...she's too electic and you don't know what is truly her sound because she wants to get so many audiences. Now, I do this blog and anyone who reads this blog has seen spoke many times on what she brings to the table sonically. She's this generation premier "rhythmic" vocalist of this generation. No matter what genre she experiments with and it looks like she going to go even further with the producers that she has lined up, everything she does has that rhythmic signature sound that only she can do. You also know that when you hear a Bey song, you're going to get killer harmonies, and even her dancing style is rhythmic in nature. She's truly a daughter of Tina Turner in that way. Not only does she not abandon her foundation, she also a student of her craft. She always not only "daps" the legends, but incorporates what they do and brings them to her contemporary generation unapologetically. This video explains it better than I ever could: The videos that I posted came from Beaweavus, one of the best poster of Bwboard, so I want to give that poster "daps" for making videos like this. People need to know these things of her so that they will understand what makes Beyoncé, Beyoncé.

Okay, I know this was a long post and as exhaustive as this post is, there are even more things that make her the phenom that she is and is a great example for entertainers who actually want to make an impact in their craft. Now let me make this clear, they won't be able to do like she does and that's the point. But like all the greats have done, they learn from the greats before them and then craft their own lane. I hope you all enjoyed this long entry and have a great week.