Saturday, March 12, 2011

Neyo: STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, everyone. Another day, another entry. I was thinking about blogging on the media frenzy that happened with the whole "Gaddafi-gate" and how dumb it was for the media to make celebrities the scapegoat and sacrificial lambs for ratings and viewership. But I am not going to enter the feeding frenzy. It's already enough that some blogs(I am looking at you, ProphetBlog) that went beyond their lanes to get at the Queen but once again, they look pressed and foolish and really ended going the opposite of what this bloggers intend. Bey always win, I wish more people would realize that. If she could survive the DC split when pretty much everyone was hating on her and she was a teen at that...then she and her team can handle pretty much anything.

But anyway, enough of that. You see today's entry. Let me say that I respect Ne-Yo as a writer/composer and actually feel he is better performer than a writer(especially lyric-writing). And yes, I also respect him as a composer(not the composer, because I remember that there were two production teams on the track, Stargate and Espionage even when it was a demo) of the song, Irreplaceable. It's one of the Queen's Biggest songs of all time, and it will always be remember. But Shaffer needs to shut up, especially if after saying something, you will not take the heat for what you said. I didn't even think what he said to be shady and slick but doing this: come on, bro. He said it and it is on audio(

If he are going to say something, be a man and take the heat even on Twitter. He could have further expounded on his point, whatever. But sometimes, it is better to say nothing. In one of his other tweets, he talk about how the blogs twist things, well, since he knows that, he should have said nothing or limited to what he said. In fact, why even mention Irreplaceable, in the first place? He should put the focus on his work. But then it would show that he is better off as a song-writer, being behind the scenes rather than out in front because his work is nothing on the scale of Irreplaceable or Take a Bow or even Unfaithful. And this is one of the things that is my pet peeve about today's producers/composers/songwriters, they try to put their face out there rather than be accept their role. That way you won't get producers like Bangladesh and Soundz going on blogs, saying stupid stuff(especially Soundz) to get attention. Keri Hilson is another one and she should get dragged every day of her pathetic career by all fans of entertainment until she realizes that she sucks as an artist/entertainer, that's she's no Diane Warren as a songwriter/composer and look for work as McDonald's cashier.

Nobody see Stargate doing that stuff. It would have quieted the whole "songwriting" controversy that goes on to this day and Irreplaceable is a big reason for it. And another thing, since I mention, since he was quick to talk about how the song was a co-write, why it is that he never speaks on Stargate's and Espionage's contribution to the song. Yes, he most likely wrote the lyrics and yes, the lyrics are memorable to the song, but the demo to the song isn't all that, even he admits that he couldn't do the song justice, which is true because Bey's a strong vocal editor-in-chief. That's why no one wanted the song in the first place, but Bey changed it up and gave the finishing touches so that it would be the hit that it is.

These producers/composers/songwriters do too much. Way too much. Hype themselves too much. They're not the artist/entertainer. They should be honored and humbled at the same time knowing all of this. But I know this will fall on deaf ears. Nevertheless, it has to be said. And another thing, the very fact that I am blogging on this means that this Beycession has to end soon because it is hard to find topics to make entries on. LOL!!!!! Anyways, I feel this drought will end soon and when we all get to "Bey-Heaven" what a day of rejoicing it will be(Just kidding, Christians!!!). Anyways, a great weekend and St. Pat's Day.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let the games begin.....

Mmm-mmm-mmm. What an interesting week!!! Well, it looks like that we finally be embarking on the long-awaited album era. *Thank you, Jesus!!!* #RoundIV And it looks like it is off with a bang. Yes, indeed. Well, knowing me you will probably think I would speak on the "controversial" pics that happen, you know the Blackface topic? But everyone is beating that horse to death and I refuse to take the bait for this blog like everyone else has.

However, I mention it because it takes me to the point of why I made this entry in the first place. One of the things I love about Bey is that many times, her visual art gives a blueprint for her music. It's ironic...that with all this "blackface" controversy, that people aren't seeing the potential direction of where Bey is going with her sound and how that will affect the landscape of Contemporary R&B and Pop Music overall. According to one of her dancers, as a poster(Swag) on bwboard posted, she is going to do some african dance.

Let me tell you that is exciting to me because this shows me that Bey is going to left, while the others are going right. Think about it, the "Euro-Pop Dance sound" is dominating the airwaves and the charts these days and while I don't have an issue with the sound, it is becoming a huge fad. Now Bey said that her sound would be a mix or in her words, Gumbo. This is what the industry needs. As I said in an entry long ago, I really believe that this next album era is going to set the tempo for what this decade of music and entertainment will be.

As even Syleena Johnson said: @jwalksonwater she's always a step ahead... 2012 will be full of rip offs from various wannabes!

I love that she says this without any fear of twitter hate going on. This is the thing that we need to focus on. Music and entertainment is in a dull place right now. How many David Guetta sounding clones do we need? And you know it is bad when Ne-Yo is sounding off on artists doing too much with Auto-Tune: That's why when some say that Bey is over-exposed, I lol at them. Are we listening to same music these days? Don't get me wrong...I am not saying this because I am part of the Bey Party. I mean, it is really dry and someone need to do something fast!!!

I mean, why does bwboard have an almost 400 page discussion on an album that don't even have an offical due date? When you have articles about Bey being one song away having the album done causing a huge buzz on the blogosphere while other artists are getting their albums pushed back and/or getting dropped from their labels, that's all that need to be said. So it's safe to say that as long as Bey excutes...the industry is not going to know what hit them even as ready or starved as they think they are.

And one last thing...I know I say I wasn't going to mention the blackface thing, but I have to use to make this point. What that whole controversy shows me that some people aren't ready for Bey spread her wings and fly. They want to put her in this box and anything apart from that is anathema to them. This controversy proves it and it is going to be the same with her upcoming work. She might lose some fans, there will be criticism, they would be haters coming out of the rocks like the snakes that they are, but guess what? It's not about them.

We, the Bey Party, are ready for what Bey is going to do and more importantly are here for what she is going to do. With her music, visual art, her promotion of it, and what she is trying to do with it. She's going to turn 30 in September and she's growing up and everything that she has done has led up to this and as a fan, I don't want her to hold back. I want her to come full force and ready to bring the industry to its knees as only Hurricane Sasha can do. Let the games begin and enjoy the ride....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beyonce 101: How to navigate the Pop World

Today is another entry. I have been thinking of this for a while, ever since someone from was thinking of making thread with this topic. So with the new era coming upon, complete with The Queen potentially doing a Movie(, I feel inspired to do another entry with this topic in mind.

It seems to me that there are so many new artists coming into the industry who want to have the kind of impact that Bey has had on the industry, yet they aren't really gaining any traction. You have artists(influenced by her) who aren't selling, getting their albums pushed back and even leaving the industry(, I feel that this is an entry that is timely appropriate and I am going to do this in 3 parts and it will be long so bear with me. So with this thread, here are 3 things that I feel that every entertainer should learn from her and therefore see why she is the phenom that she is.

1. How to balance your art and brand:

This is the most important thing when it comes to mainstream entertainment because when an artist is mainstream, with some critics there is already a strike against a mainstream artist simply because anything that is commercial makes skeptical and even jaded. It's not like back in the day, when people were looking for something to believe in and were rooting for them. With all the media access, it's hard to keep a mystery and if an artist don't control their image and brand, they will get swallowed up and be another disposable entertainer that will be dropped from their label, working at a fast food joint or on one of those, "Where are they now?" Hollywood Stories Episodes. So for Bey to achieve the longevity that she has in this era, is absolutely incredible. Some think that 14 years isn't long, but in the genre that she is in, an artist/entertainer is today and gone tomorrow. One of the things that Bey does well, is keep a mystery while giving glimspes of her mindset as an artist. There is always a message behind what she sings about, her performances and even her endorsements. It's always about female empowerment. To paraphrase Dream Hampton said once of her, she's not neccessary a feminist, but she is a womanist. Not to mention, as I said, even as commercial as she is, she's still an artist and she has control of her brand. You don't win 16 grammys with glitz, glamour lacking in substance. People try to pigeonhole her into that, but it has no foundation. Look at this video: Listen to the passion in which she talks about her music, especially when describing her harmonic arrangements on Swizz Beats' tracks. You can't fake that and this is one of the many reasons why she endures to this day. Plus, she geniunely loves her fans and her work. Glitz and image only cares you for so long, you have to balance that with honest to God talent and passion for what you do. Bey does this and that's why Bey's legacy is secure as one of the great entertainers of all time.

2. Work ethic and more work ethic....

The woman works like the stereotypical image of a Jamaican. It's like Dave Pensado said, I don't think I have ever seen anyone work harder than Beyonce (maybe Mya). I've seen her fly in from Europe, come to the studio, do vocals for 4 hours, fly to NY for concert, go directly to airport for 2 shows in Japan, and on and on. No sleep for days, and just keep going and loving every minute of it. Mya is like that also. I get tired just TYPING about it! I know that other entertainers work hard and don't have the commercial success that she has, but...that don't take away from it. It's legendary and you can tell that when the next album era comes along, she has improved in some way or another. Last era vocally, transitions from Head to Chest Voice improving her modal voice passagio(voice bridge between chest voice to head voice). Improving her scatting and improvisation skills. The difference from this: to this: speaks for itself. It just seems to me that so many entertainers don't want to go beyond their comfort zone or at the least improve in it. They think that once they get into the industry, they're set. No, that's just the beginning. It's what separates those who will last and who will be working at a fast food restaurant. Never take it for granted. Also, she has people around her who won't let her settle for less. They're in the trenches with her, they will critique her and she wants this from them. When these things are in place, it's shows that Bey was destined to what she does and how can anyone(even if you don't like her music and performing style) hate on this kind of work ethic?

3. Build on a foundation and then expand....

This to me, is the most important thing to do. An artist/entertainer has to find their niche, build as well as improve on it if needed, and then expand to allow your fan base to grow with you. You have to be willing to also grow with the times also but even in that, never ever lose your foundation. It's funny because with Bey, you have two school of thought when people debate her music. She's either too trendy, meaning that she only follow the trends and never set them(LOL!!!!) or...she's too electic and you don't know what is truly her sound because she wants to get so many audiences. Now, I do this blog and anyone who reads this blog has seen spoke many times on what she brings to the table sonically. She's this generation premier "rhythmic" vocalist of this generation. No matter what genre she experiments with and it looks like she going to go even further with the producers that she has lined up, everything she does has that rhythmic signature sound that only she can do. You also know that when you hear a Bey song, you're going to get killer harmonies, and even her dancing style is rhythmic in nature. She's truly a daughter of Tina Turner in that way. Not only does she not abandon her foundation, she also a student of her craft. She always not only "daps" the legends, but incorporates what they do and brings them to her contemporary generation unapologetically. This video explains it better than I ever could: The videos that I posted came from Beaweavus, one of the best poster of Bwboard, so I want to give that poster "daps" for making videos like this. People need to know these things of her so that they will understand what makes Beyoncé, Beyoncé.

Okay, I know this was a long post and as exhaustive as this post is, there are even more things that make her the phenom that she is and is a great example for entertainers who actually want to make an impact in their craft. Now let me make this clear, they won't be able to do like she does and that's the point. But like all the greats have done, they learn from the greats before them and then craft their own lane. I hope you all enjoyed this long entry and have a great week.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

C-Tina "stans" are the worst....

Hello, again to everyone. Sunday will be Christmas Day and I hope as well as pray that everyone who reads this holidays blessings, even to C-Tina fans...there is a reason why I said this. I will get into that after this paragraph because I am sick of the "pressedness" that exudes from their presence. Just vile and putrid. I know the "Bey party" has its reputation(Poor Soundz...not. LOL!!!!) and other stanbases are crazy but that stanbase pisses me off to no end.

First of all, I have never seen a more jealous and delusional fanbase than the C-Tina fanbase. The whole Legendtina thing when this girl has NOTHING WORTHWHILE for POP MUSIC since 2003(ironically, the year that Bey debut DIL), is sickening to my soul. But I don't even care about C-Tina really. She can flop all she wants or whatever. Sales don't make a great artist. I get that. And this blog is not for shading artists...this is all about Beyoncé.

But her fanbase that sickens me and after this thread: it's time that they get my wrath. Don't get mad because your girl is being seen as the "fake" that she is and don't have the respect that Beyoncé has right now. The Voice of this generation was a media creation and it is being exposed. About time. Anytime a "soprano"(I put that in quotes because she's NO ONE'S SOPRANO) even a mezzo can struggle with C5s is no one's voice of a generation. And to make matters worse some make a thread like this in obvious motive to shade Beyoncé mainly because she got the Pop Female Vocal Nomination that C-Tina stans were crying for, they want to make her into this great "songwriter" and that her lyrics are great. What?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back 2 Basics were such lyrical masterpieces...especially Candy Man. Every speechwriter would be jealous of the lyrical style that is on that album. And don't even try to come for Bey's lyrics in songs because lyricism is not the reason why I *heart* Bey songs.

I almost feel like a fool wasting the pixels to do this because there is nothing to prove when it comes to Bey. Anyone who has any unbias will tell you that Bey's "lane" isn't lyricism, but arrangements and vocal arrangements especially. Some may not think that this is songwriting(only lyric-writing is) but arrangements is songwriting. I don't need Bey to be this great lyricist to prove her artistic greatness. Her ear alone is why she's the great vocalist that she is. She was the one composing DC's harmonic arrangements from the time she was a child ( ....look at the 1:20 mark) and she, for the most part, craft her background harmonic arrangements in her songs. Everyone knows this.

But since you pressed individuals want to come for Bey's artistic integrity in favor of that Madonna wanna-be whose think that "re-invention" is artistry, I guess I will post from ATRL(you know the site that some of you C-Tina stans tried to infiltrate the C-Tina vs Beyoncé vocal discussion thread that was made so that C-Tina could win and was posted on God, you're a pathetic crap of a stanbase).

Anyway, here is a poster on the another Beyoncé songwriting debate thread: I don't think Beyonce gets enough credit for her specific songwriting talent - rearranging. (In that way, she follows Madonna's lead - eat that Sats and MissTina!) Take Halo, for example - the demo version has this terrible, oddly placed and emotionally flat middle 8 - it just doesn't work. What Beyonce did, very wisely, is take that awful middle 8 out and let only her voice's echo fill the gap. THAT - the break before she comes back - is what gives the song its emotional wallop. She may not be a Lily or Amy or Gaga, being able to write both lyric and music - but she's damn sure better than the rest of her peers, who are either terrible, TERRIBLE lyricists (try listening to Back to Basics and not cringing REPEATEDLY) or, you know, not at all involved in any aspect. (fill in the blanks ...)

So shady(LOL!!!!). You see, Bey's strength is C-Tina's weakness, believe it or not. C-Tina's ear sucks compared to Bey. Bey could NEVER have a video like this: and there are many more videos like this. You know why? Because Bey actually understands ADLIBBING WHILE STAYING IN THE METRIC STRUCTURE OF A SONG. She understands Chord Progression. She understand the art of tonal inflections and belting PROPERLY and having great DICTION. She can subtly change the rhythmic structure of a song like she did with Barbra's The Way We Were while keeping the overall vibe of the song. When Prince speaks of your musicianship from the aspect of being a great vocalist: that's all that need to be said.

In fact, anytime I ask a Christina fan what instrument is phrasing vocally is...there are always crickets in the background and they have the nerve to come for Bey's artistic integrity? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! *SMH* I can tell you being the fan that I am, that Bey's vocally phrases for the most part like a Brass Instrument. How she uses her vibrato, her inflections, her runs, how she uses her dynamics all come from that aspect. And her ad-libs, when she does ad-libs, are killers. Watch these videos: and: and even more importantly this:

From the 1:50 mark and on...C-Tina could NEVER. Those Eb5s grunts and growls where Bey is calling and responding with Tia's Alto Sax would DESTROY C-Tina's LUNGS. I am sorry, C-Tina usually belts from the throat so it would be her esophagus. My bad. Anyway, just to note, I always KNEW that whenever Bey sings DIL, she phrased like an alto Saxophone vocally. When a vocalist has that kind of musicianship, why it is so hard for some to grasp that this is how she contributes to the composition of her songs? If you don't really know music, if you don't realize that arranging and re-arranging of songs is composition and therefore, "writing" songs then you need to shut up. Period. End of story.

BTW, this is the same site that you can't even make Bey threads on that site because the stanbase is so pressed on her and they have a Bey forum on it. Any Bey thread gets banned, but I guess they can't even follow their own rules, especially when it comes to shading her. Pathetic, just like the artist they stan for. So I am glad that C-Tina is flopping hard, just like she's doing for her new movie Burlesque(how can your movie flopped with CHER IN IT?!!!). If for nothing else, because of that horrific shell of a fanbase that C-Tina has. If I was her, I would never claim them especially since they have let her down in terms of buying her music. Instead of spending your time dissing Bey, put this much emphasis on promoting your girl and buying her music.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yesterday was another great day for the Bey Party

Hello, everyone. *smile* I tell you, it feels great to be a Bey Party member. First of all, I want to congratulate Bey and Music World Entertainment for their 3 Grammy nominations and for having the #1 selling DVD for this week. Also, for having the most nominations by a female artists ALL TIME. If this don't show that she is the greatest vocalist/entertainer of her time, I don't know what will.

As we all know, she is one hell of a performer(studio recordings are performances just as well as live concert performances) and she deserves every good that she gets. There are a lot of pressed people today and I will address them in a few moments. But before that, I just want bask in the glow. The fact that IASF is still getting kind of love over 2 years later, just shows that the IASF was truly a killer. Think about it: How many of us would have thought that this would happen?

Last year we were celebrating the 10 nominations and then the 6 Grammys. And now...this is just icing on the cake. Contrary to what people think...Bey gets a lot of love from her peers and the public as the VH1 100 Greatest Artists shown as it was voted on by her peers. And some stan bases can't deal with it. I feel their pain. Okay, I am lying. Not really. I would be a "gracious winner" but some of these stanbases have lost their minds.

Why is it that when their fave don't get "Grammy love", now the Grammys have become a joke? If you are really a fan of an artist's music, you don't actually care whether it gets nominated or not. I mean, I love Bey's music and even if it never got praised, I wouldn't care. I mean, it does gets its due but I love it regardless. And I am not going to call other artists names(Negroncé? Really?) just because my fave is not shining over them. It's juvenile, it's pathetic, it shows your life need a better perpective.

And another thing...and I say this all the time, for all those who are mad because Bey was nominated for her I Am Live version of Halo just as she was nominated last year for her studio version of Halo. Understand goes to show you just what kind of state music is in and just for that reason....Bey deserves every accolade that she gets. Halo is one of the best vocal performances in pop music. Any Non-Operatic Mezzo Soprano who can move through from their chest and head voice as well as use their dynamics as fluidly as she did deserves the love it got. It's a beautiful, sweeping, dramatic ballad. And the live version, Bey did a great job with the lowered key, using her lower register to go lower than the original version(especially on the word sound, that part gets me every time). I always thought it was a great song and I am glad it is getting the love that it deserves.

But of course, instead seeing this, it's the old "Matthew buys votes" BS. There are 12,000 voters on the Committee. Matthew is only one of them and even artists who have been in the industry a long time get to vote on them. Saying these kind of arguments over and over again, makes you sound pressed, and pathetic. It's one thing to want your fave artist to get nominated but the world is still spinning on its axis. The stars is still in the sky. Music is still in existence. It's not the Apocalypse, ladies and gentlemen. If any of your faves didn't get nominated, they will get nominated soon.

I mean, to be honest, some of the Bey Party wished that her Sweet Dreams/DIL/Sweet Love live medley had been nominated in the Female R&B Vocal catalogue and I personally feel that the whole I Am DVD at the Wynn should have been at least nominated in the Contemporary R&B award category. But I will not cut my wrists over it. It's all good.

But all and all, it was a great day for the "BeyHive". *applause* I know that all you appreciate how special a time this is(as I do) and I hope this spirit continues. Have a great holiday season.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

You mean, Beyoncé can't be Human? *sigh*

Here I am, with yet another blog entry. This time, it will be a bit shorter than normal because to me, this is one of the reasons why I made this blog. The media can be so manipulative in twisting things that it's not funny. And because of this, I am going to be the one to put them in their place, especially when it concerns my fave female entertainer/artists.

Well, you all see the title of the thread so you know the basis for this post: And let me tell you that the motivation for this thread is to get people to talk. And as we all know, the name of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter can draw blood on both sides. There is no middle ground, it's as bad as the Yankees vs the Red Sox. And the media knows these things which is why they trod out the same BS articles from before: She's preggo, the DC split, Rihanna vs Bey stan wars(that's bloggers' fave) and etc.

Nevertheless, my point is to address something that people need to understand: Just because you're famous, don't mean you automatically lose your humanity. In fact, and I am not one to qoute scripture from the Bible but it is appropiate in this case: To whom much is given, much is required.

There is a reason why some have riches and some do not and that's my opinion. If more people in the world would ponder things like Bey did in this article, then this world would be in a better place. A much better place.

BTW, if you read the context of that statement, you will see that the comment Bey made was from a place of gratitude anyway. Not complaining at all. How many of us have look at people who are in worse positions in life and say, "By the Grace of God, there go I"? It allows you to put things in perspective so you don't make the kind of choices that would lose those things which is why I believe Bey is here to stay in this industry. She gets it. That's where the comments of her saying that she will not lose herself when speaking of Lauryn, Mariah and Whitney are brought into perspective.

And then the author said, it's annoying to see a celeb "complain" about their lives. See, this is why I couldn't be a celeb because they can't win and get analyzed too much over the things they say. If they always talk about how blessed their lives are, then it's they are bragging too much because only a few people in live can have what they have, but then when they talk about their problems, then they are ungrateful and should shut up.

Here is the thing, I am one of those who could careless about an entertainers personal stand or things. For example: If my fave entertainer is a Republican, it won't make me vote the same way and vice-versa. Entertainers are that, entertainers to me and I don't know them to be a role model for me. Image is everything and articles like these are why. I remember Bey in an interview talking about people calling her fake during the Destiny's Child days and it's on youtube: She talked being happy all the time and she relates a story that she has told many times about someone close to her dying and she had to paste on a smile even after then because a kid asked for her autograph.

And I applaud her thinking like this because it shows she actually cares about her fans. And you can tell that's not an act because I remember the video when PETA did that dirty and low thing to make her look bad and you can tell Bey's face was "swoll"(mad for all those who aren't slang literate) but she kept her cool but looked genuinely sad when one of them talked about her being an bad example for her fans by wearing fur. Like I said, I try not to analyze her or any celeb like this, and I don't need her to be the nicest or "lady-like" to like her music. But what I am saying is that I believe that those things were geniune moments for the fans because remember, the girl don't have Twitter or Facebook and that moment is probably she don't do those things.

Well, as I said on Bwboard, you're not going to please everyone, when you're a celeb. Every person is not going to be a fan of yours. If it was up to me, every person would be a fan of hers because that's how talented she is and I can't understand how anyone can't see what she has meant to her craft. But it is what it is. However, the media has to stop the BS. Stop twisting things out of context for attention grabbing like this author was doing(Good job, author). Stop reaching for things that aren't there. I could say the thing that you just say about celebs complaining. Who are you, to tell a someone to complain or to speak for me in saying that we as a society don't want to hear a celeb "complain".

I am not the most intelligent man in the world but I do know every person is not going to be happy every moment whether with riches or in poverty. That when an entertainer is off that stage, they go through things just like I do and a lot of times, it's even harder because many people are jealous of what you have and can't wait to see you fail. It's misery loves company and "craps in a barrel" and yes, the media will play off that too if it will get them ratings. There are a lot of jealous, pathetic losers that will vent on celebs because of their jealousy and again, the media know this.

But one of these days, I would love to people to use common sense, see the games that the media play and put aside their viewpoint of a particular celeb so that can know that they are manipulated to think a certain way. To view them in this way and they think that they have the power to make you or break you. But the beautiful thing is, my fave knows this and no matter how many games that are played by the media, as I said, she is here to stay and the moment that the media knows that they are her foostool, then they just might stop looking as foolish as they do making these kinds of article. Nah, maybe not. Anyway, I hope everyone's Thanksgiving Holiday was great and I hope that all of you are looking forward to the I...Am Tour DVD as I am.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The The Jermaine Durpi Curse(An Bey Party Member's Olive Branch to Janet Stans)

Hello. Today, I make yet another entry. I was *this close* to doing addressing the Britney vs Beyoncé debate/discussion. Then I thought, "Nah. I will save that for another time and entry." So I thought of this topic to blog on. Yes, it is a weird title thread especially since this is a Beyoncé blog and JD has nothing to do her music, performing and is not connected to her in any way.

When you see the content of my entry, it will become crystal clear why I titled this as I did. One of the things that is my passion is history and especially the history of music and entertainment. Especially mainstream entertainment. For as long as the industry has been in existed, there has always been the dynamic of the older established veteran artist/entertainer being pitted against the younger one. For example, the media back in the day tried to pit Lena Horne vs. Dorothy Dandridge against each other as if both of them couldn't be stars at the same time. This is done to black female stars all the time. So with that in mind, let me set the stage for the beginning of the Janet/Beyoncé stan wars.

Beyoncé was coming off the DIL and Destiny's Fulfilled Era, and was about to release the album that I consider the standard of "Hip Pop Soul"(B'day). Meanwhile, Janet was coming off the backlash of what happened at the Super Bowl Halftime performance in ironically, Bey's Hometown, Houston. We all know what happened. It's a date that will live in infamy. But Janet had not released any music from that time until 20 Y.O.

They were both going to be released around the same time, and a certain man, a record label executive who was the boyfriend of Janet said things that would set the tone for that whole era in a bad way: "Only Janet records sound like her. I always look and think where is Beyoncé going to be in 20 years? It's hard for me to visualize. I don't put them on the same plane. "

Now to be fair, he went in on Britney and Christina too. But what was the point of mentioning all three of them especially Beyoncé? Think about this for a minute, Bey had already proven her potential for longevity with the fact that she had already been in the industry for a decade going back to 1997 with Destiny's Child. But let's take it even further, this girl has been performing(like Janet) since she was 7. She was on Star Search at 12 and Monica said so eloquently in detail of her relationship with Bey, already had a recording deal with Darryl Simmons and Electra Records before DC's deal with Sony/Columbia records.

Bey was no overnight success, this was a girl who worked and worked to get where she was at the point of the B'day era. And JD knew ALL of this. Which is why what he said was so baffling. It made him seem pressed and desparate. And what it did create an unnecessary stan war that has been going on to this day and set the tone for how he would ruin everything that Janet built up that point. And I will get into how pretty much destroyed her but the thing that makes me love Bey so much was her classy responses in the aftermath of Jermaine's tomfoolery.

We all know how when Angie Martinez in an audio interview with her asked her about JD's comments how she said that famous comment in the speaking voice that all Bey Party members love to hear: God bless you, Jermaine. How can't you not love her? *Chuckles* Anyway, after all of this, she said that Janet was not her peer, that Janet was above her and spoke on her were her peers. Then, she did subsequent Ring The Alarm performances with Rhythm Nation Nods in the performance. Not to mention, she also has Frank Gatson as her choreographer who all Jackson stans know was a choregrapher for Janet and her big bro[I don't need to speak his name, you know who I am talking about].

So if there is anyone who understands and respects the Jackson legacy, it's Beyoncé Gisselle Knowles-Carter. That's why her comments about Joe Jackson in distinguishing the differences between her dad and Joe shouldn't have been taken offense by Janet stans especially in light of the relationship between him and the Jackson children which is on record. Even Sandra Rose who has built her blogging career off of hating Bey even acknowledge what Bey's intent was: ( So if there is any artist who should been given the benefit of the doubt by the JanHova Stan base, it should be Beyoncé.

Of course, the stan war got too deep then...with some Bey Party Members who are going to defend Bey when someone "comes for her wig" retaliating and then Jan stans doing the them. But the thing I need to tell Janet stans everywhere is that this dynamic is part of the legacy that Jermaine created. It's a legacy that Janet have finally gotten rid of(Praise the Lord!!!!). So with that in mind, why not push that aside that nasty part of it too? I am willing to extend a olive branch to all of the Janet stan base knowing that not all who don't like Bey are going to take it, but at the least give some who don't something to ponder.

As I said, I am going to get into the Jermaine Dupri Curse and how it affected Janet to the point where she is now. I just mention the foolish comments he made about Bey in an effort to create a war for the sole purpose of promotion. Then he tried to completely urbanize her. What?!!!! Yes, Janet is a legend especially when it comes to Urban Pop. She has classic in that genre that has and will forever stand the test of time. In fact, and this is coming a Bey stan who love this album, but I view RN1812 being better than B'day and as you can see in an earlier paragraph, I proclaimed B'day as the standard for "Hip Pop Soul". So that right there should tell of what I think of Janet's brilliance over the years. In fact, I find it a crime that Janet was not on the VH1 100 Greatest Artists list. Just criminal. She's one of the greatest video artists of all time and her sound is even a nice little template for Bey and DC to build off because she was the standard for Urban Pop. To have Madonna on the list and not her counterpart, Janet was indeed should be a misdemeanor at the least.

Many would disagree with me, but I don't feel the Super Bowl incident would have affected her as affected her as much. Janet even in her military suit wearing days all straddle the line with her sexuality. My fave songs from her are songs where she's taking it there. I have a confession to make: Hearing Janet Jackson speak in French with her soft, girlish voice is very erotic, I have to admit. It's one of the reasons why Funny How Time Flies is my fave Janet song of all time. So sexuality and Janet is nothing new. She was straddling further and further by the time of the Super Bowl incident but a lot of music/entertainment fans was heated when Janet got all that bad publicity and Justin got nothing as if he wasn't there.

So in 2006, this is two--in fact--almost 3 years later. Even if Janet wasn't going to move the number of units that she did with Control and RN1812(no one is doing that these days even back in 2006), she could still establish herself as a force for Urban Pop with her strong fan base. Then Call on Me was released as the first single. Bad move. The worst. Because even though Janet had an Urban Influence in her sound[her bro is MJ, so that's understandable] but she is pop. Janet does not have the timbre/voice to do what Bey has been doing with her sound her whole career. Bey's sound is Aretha Franklin-esqe rhythmic vocal stylings bringing the funk with an interpretative flair, that's not Janet's style. With that in mind, Bey can bring more urban/ hip hop swag and make it more believable than Janet ever could. And yes, I do know about the song she did with Q-Tip but that's a song that is still different than what Bey does with her sound. Janet could never do B'day. Never!!!!

That's the truth, Janhova stans and this is not me saying as a Bey Party Member saying this. Look at this blog comment: There is a world of difference between a good soul singer, and a good funk singer. Mariah Carey, for example, is a good sweet sould singer, but if she were to start grunting into the mic and demanding snare kicks from the drummer, her people would rush the stage within seconds to take her off to the mad house. Presumed breakdown. She hasn't got the Funk. Sadly, neither of today's fine young singers, with the possible exceptions of Mary J., Beth Ditto and Beyonce, and that's about it. Even the greatest soul singer of them all, Aretha Franklin, don't quite have the funk chops to be a bold soul sister.

So you see, that's not the Janet sound even though she is one of the rhythmic dance artists of all time. To completely Urbanize Janet was the most foolish thing that JD ever did with her. It turned off many Janet stans who loved her from the time she was singing Control at 17, it made her seem as if she was trying to compete with the very ones that Jermaine attacked in order to build Janet as the Icon and legend that we already knew she was. He didn't have to say or do anything. If anything, he turned the Janet buying public off with what he did.

Then by the time Janet put out Discipline(not a bad album at all), she was already in a funk(no pun intended) that the point that she has not quite recover from. But the thing is, even with that, her legacy speaks for itself. One thing about the Bey Party, we respect the legends. We don't come at their wig. Why is that? Because we respect what they meant to music and entertainment. We don't attack them to build Bey up. We don't have to. We understand her place in the industry and the lane in which she has made for herself. So why, would we come at Janet, who most of us would consider a legend and icon?

It all goes back to 2006 and the JD comments. It gave some who probably wanted a reason to go at Jan's wig, especially with both artists releasing at the same time, that green-light to do so and then instead of both stan bases basking in the fruit of both of their legacies, we go at each other's throats. It's ridiculous. They aren't of the same generation or peer group. Janet was entertaining before Bey was born. As a stan, I know this and respect it. So I would never call Janet names like Trannet or anything of that nature.

I respect the Jackson legacy with true reverence. I know not everyone does, but I do. And with that respect and understanding, I have to state this as honest as I can: Bey will take the Jackson legacy further than Janet could ever do it. It is what it is. And it's not about sales, or even popularity but the impact that an artist has on their craft for years to come. To make this point clear, Bey's DVD is produced, directed and edited by her. She has the kind of control of her career that MJ would want every artist to have. Not to mention, Bey has youth on her side; the talent; and more importantly, the history of knowing the past so that she can shape its future.

And if you're an honest Janet stan, you're ok with this. Who else could do this, if Janet couldn't do it. Bey is a daughter of the legacy that the Jackson set forth. Her sound is the 2000s, she's to that decade what the Beatles and Motown(a legacy that helped to shape the Jacksons) to the 60s. If you're not convinced, look at my entry on Beyonce and Electro Pop and you see what I am talking about. I can say these things confidently. They are both legends even if they aren't of the same generation. So let's bury the hatchet and make a truce. I hope that Janhova stans will accept this entry in the spirit given.