Wednesday, December 22, 2010

C-Tina "stans" are the worst....

Hello, again to everyone. Sunday will be Christmas Day and I hope as well as pray that everyone who reads this holidays blessings, even to C-Tina fans...there is a reason why I said this. I will get into that after this paragraph because I am sick of the "pressedness" that exudes from their presence. Just vile and putrid. I know the "Bey party" has its reputation(Poor Soundz...not. LOL!!!!) and other stanbases are crazy but that stanbase pisses me off to no end.

First of all, I have never seen a more jealous and delusional fanbase than the C-Tina fanbase. The whole Legendtina thing when this girl has NOTHING WORTHWHILE for POP MUSIC since 2003(ironically, the year that Bey debut DIL), is sickening to my soul. But I don't even care about C-Tina really. She can flop all she wants or whatever. Sales don't make a great artist. I get that. And this blog is not for shading artists...this is all about Beyoncé.

But her fanbase that sickens me and after this thread: it's time that they get my wrath. Don't get mad because your girl is being seen as the "fake" that she is and don't have the respect that Beyoncé has right now. The Voice of this generation was a media creation and it is being exposed. About time. Anytime a "soprano"(I put that in quotes because she's NO ONE'S SOPRANO) even a mezzo can struggle with C5s is no one's voice of a generation. And to make matters worse some make a thread like this in obvious motive to shade Beyoncé mainly because she got the Pop Female Vocal Nomination that C-Tina stans were crying for, they want to make her into this great "songwriter" and that her lyrics are great. What?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back 2 Basics were such lyrical masterpieces...especially Candy Man. Every speechwriter would be jealous of the lyrical style that is on that album. And don't even try to come for Bey's lyrics in songs because lyricism is not the reason why I *heart* Bey songs.

I almost feel like a fool wasting the pixels to do this because there is nothing to prove when it comes to Bey. Anyone who has any unbias will tell you that Bey's "lane" isn't lyricism, but arrangements and vocal arrangements especially. Some may not think that this is songwriting(only lyric-writing is) but arrangements is songwriting. I don't need Bey to be this great lyricist to prove her artistic greatness. Her ear alone is why she's the great vocalist that she is. She was the one composing DC's harmonic arrangements from the time she was a child ( ....look at the 1:20 mark) and she, for the most part, craft her background harmonic arrangements in her songs. Everyone knows this.

But since you pressed individuals want to come for Bey's artistic integrity in favor of that Madonna wanna-be whose think that "re-invention" is artistry, I guess I will post from ATRL(you know the site that some of you C-Tina stans tried to infiltrate the C-Tina vs Beyoncé vocal discussion thread that was made so that C-Tina could win and was posted on God, you're a pathetic crap of a stanbase).

Anyway, here is a poster on the another Beyoncé songwriting debate thread: I don't think Beyonce gets enough credit for her specific songwriting talent - rearranging. (In that way, she follows Madonna's lead - eat that Sats and MissTina!) Take Halo, for example - the demo version has this terrible, oddly placed and emotionally flat middle 8 - it just doesn't work. What Beyonce did, very wisely, is take that awful middle 8 out and let only her voice's echo fill the gap. THAT - the break before she comes back - is what gives the song its emotional wallop. She may not be a Lily or Amy or Gaga, being able to write both lyric and music - but she's damn sure better than the rest of her peers, who are either terrible, TERRIBLE lyricists (try listening to Back to Basics and not cringing REPEATEDLY) or, you know, not at all involved in any aspect. (fill in the blanks ...)

So shady(LOL!!!!). You see, Bey's strength is C-Tina's weakness, believe it or not. C-Tina's ear sucks compared to Bey. Bey could NEVER have a video like this: and there are many more videos like this. You know why? Because Bey actually understands ADLIBBING WHILE STAYING IN THE METRIC STRUCTURE OF A SONG. She understands Chord Progression. She understand the art of tonal inflections and belting PROPERLY and having great DICTION. She can subtly change the rhythmic structure of a song like she did with Barbra's The Way We Were while keeping the overall vibe of the song. When Prince speaks of your musicianship from the aspect of being a great vocalist: that's all that need to be said.

In fact, anytime I ask a Christina fan what instrument is phrasing vocally is...there are always crickets in the background and they have the nerve to come for Bey's artistic integrity? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! *SMH* I can tell you being the fan that I am, that Bey's vocally phrases for the most part like a Brass Instrument. How she uses her vibrato, her inflections, her runs, how she uses her dynamics all come from that aspect. And her ad-libs, when she does ad-libs, are killers. Watch these videos: and: and even more importantly this:

From the 1:50 mark and on...C-Tina could NEVER. Those Eb5s grunts and growls where Bey is calling and responding with Tia's Alto Sax would DESTROY C-Tina's LUNGS. I am sorry, C-Tina usually belts from the throat so it would be her esophagus. My bad. Anyway, just to note, I always KNEW that whenever Bey sings DIL, she phrased like an alto Saxophone vocally. When a vocalist has that kind of musicianship, why it is so hard for some to grasp that this is how she contributes to the composition of her songs? If you don't really know music, if you don't realize that arranging and re-arranging of songs is composition and therefore, "writing" songs then you need to shut up. Period. End of story.

BTW, this is the same site that you can't even make Bey threads on that site because the stanbase is so pressed on her and they have a Bey forum on it. Any Bey thread gets banned, but I guess they can't even follow their own rules, especially when it comes to shading her. Pathetic, just like the artist they stan for. So I am glad that C-Tina is flopping hard, just like she's doing for her new movie Burlesque(how can your movie flopped with CHER IN IT?!!!). If for nothing else, because of that horrific shell of a fanbase that C-Tina has. If I was her, I would never claim them especially since they have let her down in terms of buying her music. Instead of spending your time dissing Bey, put this much emphasis on promoting your girl and buying her music.

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  1. Oh shut up! Both of them chicks are overrated!