Saturday, March 12, 2011

Neyo: STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, everyone. Another day, another entry. I was thinking about blogging on the media frenzy that happened with the whole "Gaddafi-gate" and how dumb it was for the media to make celebrities the scapegoat and sacrificial lambs for ratings and viewership. But I am not going to enter the feeding frenzy. It's already enough that some blogs(I am looking at you, ProphetBlog) that went beyond their lanes to get at the Queen but once again, they look pressed and foolish and really ended going the opposite of what this bloggers intend. Bey always win, I wish more people would realize that. If she could survive the DC split when pretty much everyone was hating on her and she was a teen at that...then she and her team can handle pretty much anything.

But anyway, enough of that. You see today's entry. Let me say that I respect Ne-Yo as a writer/composer and actually feel he is better performer than a writer(especially lyric-writing). And yes, I also respect him as a composer(not the composer, because I remember that there were two production teams on the track, Stargate and Espionage even when it was a demo) of the song, Irreplaceable. It's one of the Queen's Biggest songs of all time, and it will always be remember. But Shaffer needs to shut up, especially if after saying something, you will not take the heat for what you said. I didn't even think what he said to be shady and slick but doing this: come on, bro. He said it and it is on audio(

If he are going to say something, be a man and take the heat even on Twitter. He could have further expounded on his point, whatever. But sometimes, it is better to say nothing. In one of his other tweets, he talk about how the blogs twist things, well, since he knows that, he should have said nothing or limited to what he said. In fact, why even mention Irreplaceable, in the first place? He should put the focus on his work. But then it would show that he is better off as a song-writer, being behind the scenes rather than out in front because his work is nothing on the scale of Irreplaceable or Take a Bow or even Unfaithful. And this is one of the things that is my pet peeve about today's producers/composers/songwriters, they try to put their face out there rather than be accept their role. That way you won't get producers like Bangladesh and Soundz going on blogs, saying stupid stuff(especially Soundz) to get attention. Keri Hilson is another one and she should get dragged every day of her pathetic career by all fans of entertainment until she realizes that she sucks as an artist/entertainer, that's she's no Diane Warren as a songwriter/composer and look for work as McDonald's cashier.

Nobody see Stargate doing that stuff. It would have quieted the whole "songwriting" controversy that goes on to this day and Irreplaceable is a big reason for it. And another thing, since I mention, since he was quick to talk about how the song was a co-write, why it is that he never speaks on Stargate's and Espionage's contribution to the song. Yes, he most likely wrote the lyrics and yes, the lyrics are memorable to the song, but the demo to the song isn't all that, even he admits that he couldn't do the song justice, which is true because Bey's a strong vocal editor-in-chief. That's why no one wanted the song in the first place, but Bey changed it up and gave the finishing touches so that it would be the hit that it is.

These producers/composers/songwriters do too much. Way too much. Hype themselves too much. They're not the artist/entertainer. They should be honored and humbled at the same time knowing all of this. But I know this will fall on deaf ears. Nevertheless, it has to be said. And another thing, the very fact that I am blogging on this means that this Beycession has to end soon because it is hard to find topics to make entries on. LOL!!!!! Anyways, I feel this drought will end soon and when we all get to "Bey-Heaven" what a day of rejoicing it will be(Just kidding, Christians!!!). Anyways, a great weekend and St. Pat's Day.