Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yesterday was another great day for the Bey Party

Hello, everyone. *smile* I tell you, it feels great to be a Bey Party member. First of all, I want to congratulate Bey and Music World Entertainment for their 3 Grammy nominations and for having the #1 selling DVD for this week. Also, for having the most nominations by a female artists ALL TIME. If this don't show that she is the greatest vocalist/entertainer of her time, I don't know what will.

As we all know, she is one hell of a performer(studio recordings are performances just as well as live concert performances) and she deserves every good that she gets. There are a lot of pressed people today and I will address them in a few moments. But before that, I just want bask in the glow. The fact that IASF is still getting kind of love over 2 years later, just shows that the IASF was truly a killer. Think about it: How many of us would have thought that this would happen?

Last year we were celebrating the 10 nominations and then the 6 Grammys. And now...this is just icing on the cake. Contrary to what people think...Bey gets a lot of love from her peers and the public as the VH1 100 Greatest Artists shown as it was voted on by her peers. And some stan bases can't deal with it. I feel their pain. Okay, I am lying. Not really. I would be a "gracious winner" but some of these stanbases have lost their minds.

Why is it that when their fave don't get "Grammy love", now the Grammys have become a joke? If you are really a fan of an artist's music, you don't actually care whether it gets nominated or not. I mean, I love Bey's music and even if it never got praised, I wouldn't care. I mean, it does gets its due but I love it regardless. And I am not going to call other artists names(Negroncé? Really?) just because my fave is not shining over them. It's juvenile, it's pathetic, it shows your life need a better perpective.

And another thing...and I say this all the time, for all those who are mad because Bey was nominated for her I Am Live version of Halo just as she was nominated last year for her studio version of Halo. Understand goes to show you just what kind of state music is in and just for that reason....Bey deserves every accolade that she gets. Halo is one of the best vocal performances in pop music. Any Non-Operatic Mezzo Soprano who can move through from their chest and head voice as well as use their dynamics as fluidly as she did deserves the love it got. It's a beautiful, sweeping, dramatic ballad. And the live version, Bey did a great job with the lowered key, using her lower register to go lower than the original version(especially on the word sound, that part gets me every time). I always thought it was a great song and I am glad it is getting the love that it deserves.

But of course, instead seeing this, it's the old "Matthew buys votes" BS. There are 12,000 voters on the Committee. Matthew is only one of them and even artists who have been in the industry a long time get to vote on them. Saying these kind of arguments over and over again, makes you sound pressed, and pathetic. It's one thing to want your fave artist to get nominated but the world is still spinning on its axis. The stars is still in the sky. Music is still in existence. It's not the Apocalypse, ladies and gentlemen. If any of your faves didn't get nominated, they will get nominated soon.

I mean, to be honest, some of the Bey Party wished that her Sweet Dreams/DIL/Sweet Love live medley had been nominated in the Female R&B Vocal catalogue and I personally feel that the whole I Am DVD at the Wynn should have been at least nominated in the Contemporary R&B award category. But I will not cut my wrists over it. It's all good.

But all and all, it was a great day for the "BeyHive". *applause* I know that all you appreciate how special a time this is(as I do) and I hope this spirit continues. Have a great holiday season.

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