Saturday, November 27, 2010

You mean, Beyoncé can't be Human? *sigh*

Here I am, with yet another blog entry. This time, it will be a bit shorter than normal because to me, this is one of the reasons why I made this blog. The media can be so manipulative in twisting things that it's not funny. And because of this, I am going to be the one to put them in their place, especially when it concerns my fave female entertainer/artists.

Well, you all see the title of the thread so you know the basis for this post: And let me tell you that the motivation for this thread is to get people to talk. And as we all know, the name of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter can draw blood on both sides. There is no middle ground, it's as bad as the Yankees vs the Red Sox. And the media knows these things which is why they trod out the same BS articles from before: She's preggo, the DC split, Rihanna vs Bey stan wars(that's bloggers' fave) and etc.

Nevertheless, my point is to address something that people need to understand: Just because you're famous, don't mean you automatically lose your humanity. In fact, and I am not one to qoute scripture from the Bible but it is appropiate in this case: To whom much is given, much is required.

There is a reason why some have riches and some do not and that's my opinion. If more people in the world would ponder things like Bey did in this article, then this world would be in a better place. A much better place.

BTW, if you read the context of that statement, you will see that the comment Bey made was from a place of gratitude anyway. Not complaining at all. How many of us have look at people who are in worse positions in life and say, "By the Grace of God, there go I"? It allows you to put things in perspective so you don't make the kind of choices that would lose those things which is why I believe Bey is here to stay in this industry. She gets it. That's where the comments of her saying that she will not lose herself when speaking of Lauryn, Mariah and Whitney are brought into perspective.

And then the author said, it's annoying to see a celeb "complain" about their lives. See, this is why I couldn't be a celeb because they can't win and get analyzed too much over the things they say. If they always talk about how blessed their lives are, then it's they are bragging too much because only a few people in live can have what they have, but then when they talk about their problems, then they are ungrateful and should shut up.

Here is the thing, I am one of those who could careless about an entertainers personal stand or things. For example: If my fave entertainer is a Republican, it won't make me vote the same way and vice-versa. Entertainers are that, entertainers to me and I don't know them to be a role model for me. Image is everything and articles like these are why. I remember Bey in an interview talking about people calling her fake during the Destiny's Child days and it's on youtube: She talked being happy all the time and she relates a story that she has told many times about someone close to her dying and she had to paste on a smile even after then because a kid asked for her autograph.

And I applaud her thinking like this because it shows she actually cares about her fans. And you can tell that's not an act because I remember the video when PETA did that dirty and low thing to make her look bad and you can tell Bey's face was "swoll"(mad for all those who aren't slang literate) but she kept her cool but looked genuinely sad when one of them talked about her being an bad example for her fans by wearing fur. Like I said, I try not to analyze her or any celeb like this, and I don't need her to be the nicest or "lady-like" to like her music. But what I am saying is that I believe that those things were geniune moments for the fans because remember, the girl don't have Twitter or Facebook and that moment is probably she don't do those things.

Well, as I said on Bwboard, you're not going to please everyone, when you're a celeb. Every person is not going to be a fan of yours. If it was up to me, every person would be a fan of hers because that's how talented she is and I can't understand how anyone can't see what she has meant to her craft. But it is what it is. However, the media has to stop the BS. Stop twisting things out of context for attention grabbing like this author was doing(Good job, author). Stop reaching for things that aren't there. I could say the thing that you just say about celebs complaining. Who are you, to tell a someone to complain or to speak for me in saying that we as a society don't want to hear a celeb "complain".

I am not the most intelligent man in the world but I do know every person is not going to be happy every moment whether with riches or in poverty. That when an entertainer is off that stage, they go through things just like I do and a lot of times, it's even harder because many people are jealous of what you have and can't wait to see you fail. It's misery loves company and "craps in a barrel" and yes, the media will play off that too if it will get them ratings. There are a lot of jealous, pathetic losers that will vent on celebs because of their jealousy and again, the media know this.

But one of these days, I would love to people to use common sense, see the games that the media play and put aside their viewpoint of a particular celeb so that can know that they are manipulated to think a certain way. To view them in this way and they think that they have the power to make you or break you. But the beautiful thing is, my fave knows this and no matter how many games that are played by the media, as I said, she is here to stay and the moment that the media knows that they are her foostool, then they just might stop looking as foolish as they do making these kinds of article. Nah, maybe not. Anyway, I hope everyone's Thanksgiving Holiday was great and I hope that all of you are looking forward to the I...Am Tour DVD as I am.

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