Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Setting the record straight on Bey and her songwriting: Part 1

This is the topic that I want to speak on. I have been wanting to speak on this for a long time. It seems to me that people love, the bloggers especially love to bring controversy in order to get traffic. It's funny because there are people out there who will speak about commercial artists "selling out", but many of these bloggers will "sell out" for attention. They have agents, and they covet fame and celebrity for themselves. Most of the time, their viewpoints have agendas.

Not that I am trying to put myself above them because I am blogging. Like I said, I am doing this to put my viewpoints on all things Beyoncé. Meaning I can guess less about fame and celebrity. I see how it goes when you get famous just from looking at celebrities and all of the scrunity that they get. I want no parts of that. I love my life as it is. And it is with that in mind, that I am writing this entry.

It seems that the bloggers want controversy so bad that they will even slander artists for the sake of them being famous. Now don't get me wrong, some celebs even like negative publicity. At long as their name is being put out there. And TBH, Beyoncé don't need defending when it comes to her talents. They speak for themselves. Not to mention, the regular media don't even entertain most of the bloggers foolishness because of the most of the time, their reputation is highly suspect. Nevertheless, I feel it is necessary to speak on this topic.

For one: Beyoncé is a talented woman. She sings like an angel, perform and dance her out, and is great at arranging in her recordings. Look at that last statement I made. One of the things that people don't understand is how songs are made in the first place. People have the misconception that lyric-writing is all to composing and writing/making songs. In fact, most of the time in the mainstream industry, it's not even "organic" like that. As a star of Beyoncé's caliber, she gets songs given to her as demos all the time. Producers and artists are networking all the time. All of those afterparties, and shows aren't for nothing. It's all business, pretty much.

And producers are creating melodies all the time, knowing that they are pretty much prelinaries and they are going to "shop their song" around waiting for whichever artist is going to record. Then when the artist is record to make their album, the songs are ready for them to record and do whatever the artist who actually has control of their work has in mind for the song when they hear it.

I am digressing, but hopefully you get the point about how songwriting goes in the industry. Most of the time, it's collaborative. You know the saying, "It's take a village to raise a child", well it takes a village to raise a song. LOL!!! Anyways, it's a collaborative effort because everyone has their own lane. Some are GREAT at lyric writing. They have a beautiful way with words and they can express themselves that way. And even then, it's hard for them to write a hook or write a chorus. Or you have those who are great at melody arrangement or vocal arrangements. If I was an artist, I would want the best around me that know music and have a passion for it like I do. I would know there are those who are better than me at certain things and I get their imput.

Then you have the fact that if an artist is truly in control of their art/brand, then they are the executive producers. They are the who choose they will work with, what direction they want to go sound-wise, discuss with label heads what kind of budget they want for distribution, promotion for videos and singles, even up to how many songs they want on the album. If you look at Beyoncé's music, she has been the executive producer on her last two albums especially. So in essence every producer, works for her. Even the songs done by a producer, it's up to the artist whether or not they want the song on the album.

And with all of this, it don't even get to my point on Bey's gift as a songwriter. Like I said, I am a big Beyoncé fan. So that means, I read everything that comes with her work. Across the board, everyone who works with her speaks of how great an arranger she is especially vocally. Especially her harmonies. In fact, I am going post from a engineer---Dave pensado---who has worked with from in making Dangerously in Love and I Am...Sasha Fierce:
Beyonce just hears those harmonies in her head. She was born with them. Her dad, Matthew is quite a good singer, and I believe Tina sings also. She usually starts off with the tonic, and builds from there. She does a little experimentation, and then blends them herself with the engineer. I love her timing. She has no regard for the beat, but it always sounds right.

I could post many more quotes like this and I will, but I just to make this quote to make a point. Anyone who is even a casual Beyoncé listening knows that her songs lean heavily on vocal arrangements and harmonies. No one really talks about her lyrics. Bey don't do that either and my next post will set the record straight on that also. But I wanted post this so that when I post on that entry, this post will compliment that post because it's about time that the blogosphere get the record straight and posting these lies for publicity sake. Enough is enough and it is bigger than being a fan of Beyoncè. And please don't say: You don't get paid to say anything in her defense. The way some people are passionately against her, that's the same passion I am going to have in speaking on this topic and other Beyoncé topics.

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