Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dear Aaliyah Fans/Stans:

It's been almost a decade before Aaliyah tragic death. Being that I was a teen(actually older she would be if she is alive) when she first debuted, I can honestly speak on her music and the impact of her music within Contemporary R&B/Urban Top 40. I remember the first time I saw the Back and Forth video. I loved her voice and her artistic style. I think One in A Million is one of the Classic Contemporary R&B albums of all time. So this is letter is coming from a sincere place and I hope that Aaliyah stans take what I say with that in mind though I have a feeling that the "hardcore" stans won't.

First of all, I am tired of seeing bloggers exploiting you and Aaliyah's death by whipping you into a frenzy whenever they ask questions like, "If Aaliyah was alive, would be Beyoncé be a big superstar?" You all fall for it: Hook, line and sinker. NONE of you even think,"Why is the point of having this question, a decade after her death? Wouldn't it be better to celebrate her music and legacy and appreciating that? Rather than debating what would haves and could have." I would agree with you. Especially being a fan myself. But I know it's not intelligent Aaliyah fans thinking this way. It's pressed Aaliyah "fans" some of them probably not even real fans. Only because fans after her death or even worse using Aaliyah to bash Beyoncé.

I could get into the fact that Bey, as being part of DC, was much more mainstream than Aaliyah ever could be. I also could get into the fact, for all of those silly misguided ones who said the only reason Bey was a success as a solo artist is because people were looking for someone to fill the void that Aaliyah left, that when Bey blew up as a solo artist, she wasn't even a solo artist. Nope, she was still apart of DC when that happen and all of them went "solo". It wasn't about Bey becoming a big solo artist. It was about the Destiny's Child brand and Bey blew up bigger than anyone would have imagined her to.

It wasn't until DC disbanded was when Bey "officially" became a "true" solo artist. Why do you think Michelle did Gospel, Kelly did the Urban/Alternative and Bey had the more commercial sound out of the other 3 when they were still apart of DC? Everything they did was about the success and the expansion of the group. Aaliyah, dead or alive, would have had nothing to do with what happened for Bey during the DIL era because Bey was Destined(yes, pun intended) to be the star that she is.

And any Aaliyah stan who wants to debate how Liyah's music is much more "substantial" in that Bey going to look stupid. Lyrical Depth is not exactly Aaliyah's strength when it comes to her music. And I am a fan of her music saying that.

I mean, I said more than I really wanted on this to while not getting deep into why delving into why Beyoncé would have the career that she has if Aaliyah is alive. But I could drop all of these facts and it would not mean nothing to some of you because it masks a bigger problem. To me, it is seems that you're jealous of Bey's success and for no reason. I have seen some of you, while foaming at the mouth like you're possessed by a demon, wished Beyoncé was on the plane that crash rather than Aaliyah. Sick!!!! Really sick!!!! Not liking someone's music is one thing. Wishing death on them, is very extreme and a horrible thing to do. Surely, you can't be that passionate over Aaliyah to wish death on Bey because you wish that Aaliyah had the same mainstream success that Bey has now. Come on, now!!!

And don't blame the Beyhive(the Bey Stan Base) for your behavior. I know for a fact that the Liyah stan base go at it with Brandy and Monica stans and I have never seen any member of your stan base wish that it was Brandy or Monica on the plane rather than Liyah. There is no excuse. Absolutely, none. No matter how much I don't like an artist's music, going that far is way too extreme. I love music but it's not that serious. And normally, I wouldn't even bother addressing this kind of behavior's sad that whenever the anniversary of Aaliyah comes around, these are the topics that bloggers use to pull you Aaliyah stans in because you can't let it go.

Aaliyah is dead, as sad as it is, she's dead. It wasn't meant for her to have the kind of success that some of you covet for her. And it's stupid to hate on Bey because of it. Let it go!!! Celebrate her music, her memory and appreciate what she was about as an artist and I say as an artist because most people don't know what she was about as a person. We didn't know her personally, but the art could and should be appreciated. I think that where Aaliyah is...I don't think she would care less about fame and music legacy and status. Thank you to all who have read this.

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  1. this post is really biased towards beyonce & fans, beyonce fans start alot of shit too. in fact, most of the blogs that say "if aaliyah was alive, beyonce would be.." the beyonce stans usually throw the first punch. the aaliyah fans just retaliate. I never seen a "real" hardcore aaliyah fan wish death on anyone.

    beyonce and aaliyah stans could never and maybe will never get along, just like mariah carey and whitney stans. its just the way it is. lol